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Humax is a open source framework for developing Web 2.0 applications with current technology trends in an unified manner.

Project News

Humax v0.3 Available

Humax Version 0.3 has been released and you can download from download page.

Now you can extend your classes without using typical object-oriented inheritance mechanism.

Happy Coding.

M Sheik Uduman Ali

Humax v0.2.1 Available

Humax Version 0.2.1 has been released and you can download from download page.

Now you can manage script files by Humax package and also you can use asynchronous programming technique in your client code.

Happy Coding.

M Sheik Uduman Ali

Humax v0.21 be released soon

As per Humax roadmap, I could not provide some of the features in the release of Humax version 0.2.

Before v0.3, I've planned to release one minor release with the missing features and do not want to carry forward these into version 0.3.

Happy coding.

AJAX and XML - Target for version 0.3

For version 0.3, I have planned to provide core AJAX and XML parsing support in the framework.

I have a plan to involve other people also.

It may possible to release a minor version before version 0.3.

Humax v0.2 Available

Humax Version 0.2 has been released and you can download from download page.

Now you can develop client web applications with AOP approach also.

Humax Web Site Launched

Humax web site has been launched this morning 12:00AM.

Roadmap for Humax v0.2

The development activities for Humax v0.2 is in progress.

This release focus on:
* Facet Programming
* Asynchronous Programming
* Modern OO features

If you have any comments, please contact me @

Humax v0.1 Released


Humax v0.1 has been released. This is the very initial version. And I've planned to add more and more. It can be achived with your help.

Soon I will upload the roadmap, wiki for this project.

Kindly send me your comments or expected features.

M Sheik Uduman Ali

Post-production in progress

Hi All,
I've completed the development of Humax v0.1. Now, the post-production works (testing and documentation) is in progress.

Soon, I will release the version 0.1.

M Sheik Uduman Ali

Getting Started

You can start learning Humax by

  • The tutorials and API reference come along with each Humax release.
  • Tutorials section in this site.
  • Features section shows the new features or changes in a particular release.

You can involve your presence in the Humax development by

  • Sharing your comments and feature request to Humax team. See the Community and Support section.
  • You can share your sample coding or writing articles on Humax in either HTML or MS-Word format and send the article to It will be published on this site.
  • Aptana IDE. Humax is developed on Aptana IDE.
  • JSDoc. The API reference has been generated using JSDoc.
  • JSUnit. Unit testing has been performed using JSUnit.

This site was developed using Eclipse 3.3.0 (PHP & Aptana) IDE. I have used SQuirreL SQL Client v2.3 for mySQL. The development platform is openSUSE 10.2. Logo